Welcome to my blog! I’m Norma Donovan: a woman who is passionate about intimacy with God, hearts being restored and set free, and mentoring men and women. My desire in writing Restoring Hearts blog is to instruct, encourage and admonish men and women to grow closer to the Lord and to become more like Him in their every day life as they learn who He is and what makes His heart beat.


7 Responses to About

  1. Deb says:

    Precious Norma, thanks again for speaking the truth with such a mother’s unconditional love! “Power Perfected” helped to set me free today! Running, hiding, and condemnation are not optional hindrances when we embrace this miraculous truth that God truly releases His power & glory in our weaknesses. This one’s a game changer!

  2. Laura Knudson says:

    Read your entire book, “Reflections From The Heart,” on the plane ride home. Loved it! Keep writing, God is working through you!

  3. Julie Taylor says:

    I received your book from a friend of yours
    and mine . I have been enjoying your word each day. Thanks!! Keep on writing please!! Blessings. Julie

    • nldonovan says:

      Thanks Julie for your words of encouragement. They were used by The Lord to renew my commitment to write from His heart and mine with the hope it will minister to others. May the posts deepen your intimacy with The Lord!

  4. Meri Walander says:

    I want to thank our Lord for your heart this morning. A coworker and myself are listening to your CD called “Knowing God” It is such a wonderful message on coming to know God’s character.

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