Stay Tuned

Dear Faithful Followers of the Restoring Hearts’ Blog,

I’m off on a trek across the states with my daughter. She’ll be a first year student at Bethel Church’s ministry school in Redding, CA. Therefore, there will be no typical post today or next Monday. Enjoy the break while I enjoy time alone with my daughter and the varied beauty of God’s creation across the United States.


Norma Donovan

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2 Responses to Stay Tuned

  1. Deb Schneider says:

    Thanks mama Norma! We will miss you and your wise words of guidance and love! I forward these off to many, weekly.
    Prayers for safe travels and sweet kairos moments with Jesus, and your daughter, Lindsay! (sp?)
    John and I also made this trek to BSSM in August of 2013 with our daughter Kara. While it was so incredibly hard to let her move this far away from home at age 19, especially for her twin sister….it was the best step of faith we have ever taken! God opened up a whole new realm of His glory and goodness to our entire family. May He do the same, and more, for you and yours! I love you! Deb S.

    • nldonovan says:

      Thanks Deb for your encouraging words which brought peace to my heart. I’m excited for Lindsay and the family she’s living with is sweet-the husband is one of the outreach pastors. I love you too!

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